Inforama Webcasts

Creating datasources and datasets

See how easy it is to setup dataconnections and datasets in Inforama studio.

Import existing AcroForms and databinding

Existing AcroForms can be imported into Inforama Studio. Once imported, users can begin the task of binding data to the AcroForm fields.

Creating new OpenOffice documents

OpenOffice Writer is the editor embedded into Inforama to generate XHTML for eventual conversion to PDF and email. See how easy it is to get from a letter to a personalise PDF.

Creating a document letterhead

Using OpenOffice we can create a PDF document letterhead that can be used as the background for generated letters and other documents.

Using the built-in data formatters

This webcast shows how you can apply simple formatting to data within the documents in Inforama Studio using the standard data formatters.

Adding barcodes to documents

Barcodes can be added to documents so that they can be easily integrated into an existing workflow systems. See how easy it is in this webcast.

Inforama Enterprise

Deploy to a central server

Compile your Inforama projects from within Inforama Studio and deploy them to your server based Inforama instance.

Connect via web services

Connect to Inforama enterprise from client applications written in any language using Inforama's powerful web service interfaces.

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